The new picture of the Mucha’s series of the Slav Epic (all in all: twenty paintings, ten – on Czech subjects, ten – on broader Slavic themes, a free gift from Mucha to the newly independent Czech nation, on September 01, 1928) Mucha3has arrived to our home.

The picture’s name is “The Singing Teachers’ Choir of Moravia”.

It took the prominent place on one of the walls on the main floor, that is the big re-opening of Mucha salon, moving upstairs from the basement.

For this grand event we invited some dear friends of ours and had a wonderful soiree.

The picture of it is to the right.

We are talking and having fun at the same time.

Val(1): Irene, what do you think about this Mucha’s picture?

Irene(2): Unusual. The girl is sitting on the tree, listening to the birds. The composition is attractive.

1: And what about you? Janko?

Janko(3): As for me, this picture differs from the other ones, for example, Mucha’s pictures of Art Nouveau style.

1: In which way? Art Nouveau, what is it?

3: Nature is the major form of expression in Art Nouveau, trees, flowers, colours which are flowing, it derives from Moravian, Czech, Slovak folklore.

2: I heard that Mucha’s models of women were his wife Marishka and daughter Jaroslava. Is it the truth, Janko?

3: Yes, indeed. By Mucha’s Art Nouveau ideas was inspired the Spanish sculptor Gaudi, when we saw Gaudi’s round-cornered buildings in Barcelona.

1: However, this picture belongs to the Slav Epic, isn’t it? Where did you get it, Janko?

3: I ordered it from

2: How much is it?

3: Total price with the framing is 250 dollars CAD.

2: It is expensive, isn’t it?

2: Not really. ’cause it is a poster on canvas Number 1411. It is a commercial price.

2: Congratulations on the grand re-opening of Mucha salon in your home, and I am glad to see it.

Listen to the  music:

Moravanka, Pres veselske luky

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