Really, what can be better to put oneself in a Christmas mood than listening to the beautiful music of Handel’s Messiah?

Ivars Taurins, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s principal  baroque conductor, knows how to get into character. This month, Taurins will slip into a fat suit and a powered wig to transform into fiery 18th century composer George Friderick Handel. The getup will even include a turkey leg (Handel loved to eat), as Taurins guides the orchestra and an audience of 1,000 in its annual Sing-Along Messiah concert.

Every Christmas season for 8 years or so we started with Handel’s Messiah. It was actually worthwhile to be present in quite amazing and fabulous atmosphere together with the audience of 1,000 rising up at the moment singing along with the chorus “Amen” or “Hallelujah”. Spirit of vitality is charged everywhere. The holiday season is upon us, and the spirit of goodwill and peace  toward men is part of Handel’s message and what Messiah is all about.

When you are in the concert hall, all of the cares of the outside world are gone and everyone leaves the hall smiling.

Listen to the beautiful music yourselves.                  Handel’s Messiah

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