RudybabyOn that splendid winter February day of the fourth Rudy boy was born 50 years ago. On the photo to the left one can see a cheerful face of Rudy baby. To the right is a portrait of Rudy Lutz in the Russian Cossak Rudai costume in modern days.Listen to the Cossak song: “oisja- ty- oisja”

Do you see the similarities of the face, then and now? The same features of an inquisitive person, showing integrity in his whole  outlook. By the way, Rudy'sB-daykozakthis Cossak portrait is the invention put on the label of a wine bottle which was created among other surprises on that day by Rudy’s talented for organizing wife Patricia Lutz,  mother of their three sons: Jonathan, Christian and Frank. Three young men are standing by Dad and Mom as if three Russian fairy tale giants: Ilja Murometz, Dobrynya Nikitich and Aljosha Popovich, depicted on the reknowned picture by a great Russian painter Vasnetzov. Ilja Murometz was a representative of the peasantry, Dobrynja Nikitich-of the ruling class (he was a prince) and Aljosha Popovich-of a spiritual class (a priest). So the three main Russian layers of the society were united to defend their Motherland against their enemies.

We, Rudy’s friends, got together in the unique, antique, filled historic restaurant “Jacqueline Suzanne’s Bistro & Antiquities” which is situated in Inglewood, Calgary, to celebrate his 50th Birthday.



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One more photo expose is displayed here “Winter in Calgary” to show a special memento to remember the weather in such a Chinook city as Calgary. Enjoy it!

Another special feature of that celebration was “The Ringing of the Bell” which encouraged story telling by all who were present sharing their interesting memories about how they met Rudy, where and on what occasion.

An old buddy, his schoolmate, remembered him from their childhood. Her story was full of humor, sincerity and warm friendship. So were all the others’ ones.


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One needed to be there, in a loft as though in the attic, hardly touching with our heads the copper, painted ceiling of the building, existing from 1912, decorated with the paintings of the old timers everywhere abundantly.

We were served with the delicious food but about that we will talk some other day, and in a special article because among us there was a professional cook who agreed to be interviewed later.

Rudy was happy, his wife had invited him for a “romantic dinner” and Ah! he met us, another twenty six people,who also arrived for a “romantic dinner”.

What a wonderful and unforgettable surprise, indeed!

Listen to the music, Rudy, it is specially for you:Yuri Shcherbakov and Ensemble “Starina” (Dances)

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