Badek Club members: Zoya, Rimma, Emma, Valya, Lara, Klava, Nellya, except Lyusya she was busy with the medical examination. met together on the 1-st of July, Zoya’s anniversary of eight tens. What a splendid party they staged, with greetings in poems and Lara’s singing solo, and then dancing. The whole atmosphere of party was warm, friendly and full of grace, respect and admiration to the hostess Zoya Nikolaevna Lapitskaya. From Calgary we also join these greetings and wish to Zoya the best in her life and keep on perseverance as you did before.

On the photo above from the left to right: Klava, Lara, Valya, Zoya, Nellya, and photos are taken by Emma and Rimma.

On the photo to the right: we are with our friends Irene and her son Mark at the Denny’s restaurant in Calgary.

For you to listen, Zoya:


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