b-day-of-glebWe are sitting in your room, Gleb, where everywhere your pictures are hanging on the walls, reminding us, Janko and me, about you as if you never left us since last summer. To-day it is the 24th of April, Happy Birthday to you, Gleb, and many happy wishes to you: first of all, good health, successes at school, doing sports, good relationship with your Mom because she is the only one in the whole world who b-day-of-gleb24loves you very much and understands you.Happy Birthday, Gleb, and we are counting down the days till you are coming to us, May 27th. See you soon. This is an image show for you to watch.

Here is my verse to you, Gleb:

My grandson is my inspiration,

For just now full 12 years,

Save in life your admiration,

My big good fellow (vbalex).                                                            

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