This year Easter time is fallen on the first week of April, the Catholic and Orthodox. Here are arrived Happy Easter cards to us, and again very funny and humorous.

It’s all about Bunny !

How do the people celebrate it here? Some who are believers go to the Church. Some who are not? just rejoice the beautiful spring weather, some are hunting down for the Easter eggs or chocolate Bunnies. Some, just come to visit their grandparents, as in our case. John and Dianna arrived with their mothers to play with us, which is shown on the pictures here and there. 

“Who are you?” game, for example, the author and and initiator of which is Janko. At first there was game “Piccaboo” followed by “Who are you?”.

“Who are you?” addressed Janko to John.

“I’m John.” The same question is to Dianna. 

Then hide-and-seek opens.

“Who is this?” asked grandma Valentina.

“Two long ears,

Four strong legs,

Hop, hop, hop,

Bring me eggs”

“Bunny! Bunny! Easter Bunny!” everybody answers.

Then all sing along:            

“Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny,

Hop, hop, hop,

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny,

Please, don’t stop!”

But at the end of my post I would like to introduce a serious performance of a French girl with “Hallelujyah” of Leonard Cohen:


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