“He was Beaten up by a Tea Kettle Against His Face” (From Odessa Humor)

Listen to one of Eleonora Filina’s Songs: “He was Beaten up by a Tea Kettle Against His face”

Who does not know the hilarious humor from Odessa?

Here they are some of the thoughts for smile:

1.Don’t complain at life because it might  not have been given to you.

2.Nothing else enables to understand the use of a stick but a candy stick.

3.The main flaw of the brains is its absence.

4.A gentleman is that man who is inviting a young lady to show her pictures is doing so, he is showing to her those pictures.

5.A gentleman is that man who always calls the cat “cat” but not something else  even if  he stumbles on her and falls down.

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6.Life is a track-and-field competition  in which everybody is advancing ahead to come to finish the last.

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7.A clock ran with a speed of 61 minutes per hour.

8.Stupidity is such a matter which does not appear from nowhere and does not disappear  nowhere, but it just transfers from one head to the other one.

9.Be afraid of a bite of that person who is eating you with eyes.

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10.The advantage of the strength is that it is forgiven for its weaknesses.

11.The most pleasant thing in children – is the process of making them.

12.It cannot be so bad that it might have been much worse.

13.A serious face is not yet a sign of a deep thinker.

14.A human being is an intermediate chain of the evolution process to be needed to create the crown of the evolution of the nature- a rum glass of Cognac  and a slice of lemon.

15.Some women are so shy that cannot refuse men.

16. If a man upon having seen a woman notices that she lifts down the eyes, that means she likes him; if a man upon having seen a woman lifts down his eyes that means he likes her legs.

17.If you want your wife did not cheat on you, never marry.

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