The other day Nikita was our guest in our home. This young man, 26 y.o., seems to like us, talking about his hobby: snakes and what is he doing with them.

One could say: “What a strange hobby?”

Nik does not think so. Since his early childhood he liked to mess around with frogs, little lizards and snakes. The latest of his pets is a Piton which can grow up to 2 meters long.  Isn’t it scary?

Nik smiles. The photos of his pets are here and there.

Having known almost everything about his pets, he is still experimenting to use their shed skin to hand make pieces of jewellery.

This is the technological process how he put it in his own words:

“1) one needs a bezel for jewellery; 2)a piece of thick paper of type Cardstock; 3) bright glistening paint; 4) shed snake skin; 5) epoxied glue. One needs to paint first a little piece of paper, the cut them to fit together a piece of paper and shed snake skin into bezel for a earrings or pendant. Then pour a small drop of dimensional adhesive ( for iron or glass). Work with epoxied glue is very intricate and takes lots of patience and practice. Upon spreading the glue, tiny bubbles should appear, work with a needle, handle them. The bubbles are streaming up, then carefully use flames to force bubbles to disappear. Be careful as the shed snake skin can be burnt out. All the mass with epoxied glue put on the painted paper, again pour the second layer of glue, then again work with bubles and flames and leave your creation for one hour and a half to half dry epoxied glue. Then again add up glue to have this jewellery piece a little bit protruded.Then leave your work for 24 hours constantly checking out for wrinkles? then again put glue on the top. That’s all”.

On the eve of New Year 2020 we are wishing Nikita, his family, Larisa, Gleb, Nina Anatolievna, who have been already arrived to Landhaus, Salzburg, Austria to celebrate New Year 2020, all our friends, close and loved ones all the best and most important-Miss or Mister LUCK may attend you! 

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