Welcome to to Royal Tyrrell Museum“Hi, little Tyrannosaurus!

Are you King of the tyrant lizards?

I read about you. This is why I came here with my Mom, Papa and Babichka to visit with Dinosaurs’ Museum in Drumheller”, said little Klinton to his new toy from the Gift Shop of the Royal Tyrrell Museum which was opened in 1985.

The photos of the welcoming plaque, the founder of this wonderful Paleonthological Workshop-Laboratory.Tyrrel Museum founder

When it is overcast, the best day to spent is at the museum.

The road to Drumheller led us through open prairies which are scenic in their own way. Four small deers were crossing the dirt road near Lyalta as if peacefully greeting and wishing us a safe, enjoyable day.

Here we are at the magic land of Dinosaurs where learning fun begins. Just look around! Million years’ history becomes alive.

The whimsical, interactive exhibition includes tour around Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the amazing dinosaurs to ever live. The largest meat eater, it was more than 12 meters (37 ft) long and stood almost as tall as a giraffe. Unlike a giraffe, however, Tyrannosaurus rex was massive and powerful. His 60 teeth in the jaw, some of them are longer than a human hand, its eyes faced forward, providing better depth perception. At the other end, a heavy tail counterbalanced the skull. A complete tail has never been found, so no one knows exactly how long it might have grown.

Watch our photo expose: “Around the Dinosaurs in Drumheller”

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Watch video: “A Dinosaur’s Story (Part 1)”

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