Granny's B-day cardInternational BADEK Club has on agenda: Happy Birthday, Valya! Rimma Levchenko took a floor:

“Dear friend-classmate of ours!

In our childhood could we assume that our huge great country is splitList of Students1952 up and many people have to live abroad. It concerned you too: you live in Canada. Perhaps, God blessed you! it is for the better. Who knows?!

Only God Almighty is familiar with whom and what is destined to experience in life. You had your share to meet a great number of difficulties but you carry your fate with dignity. As a reward, God granted you Janko, with whom you are accomplishing all your dreams.

On the Seventeenth of March, your Birthday, we wish to our foreign classmate all the happiness, good health, be happy with Janko for many-many days to come.

And one more thing, Valyusha, there lives a hope in us-to meet you, thank God! not a single time but many times in life.

As always, let your life be full of optimism.                                                                                                                               ListofStudents(2)

All the best to you,


7″б” class.”

There arrived the Birthday Card from my grandson and daughter, it is shown above, and to the right is the list of students, all the girls at that time.

Do you see how many students there were at the class?

Yes, at that post-war time the classes were overcrowded.

We studied at Bryansk all girls’ school #1 from 1947 to 1954, later the school was reformed, mixed up with the boys.

Listen to the song:

“The Wonderful School Years”

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