“Magic Power of Memories” by Valentina Filina-Pattison AFTERWORD (Conclusion)

AFTERWORD (Conclusion)  

Completing my book as a conclusion I’d like to tell that the goal of my memories was to describe seperate flashes of memories as if they were caught on the moment of the flash of the camera. They are not the detailed biographical essays, rather whimsy selection while the creative process. Just never predict where , to what turn your imagination and fantasy can lead you.

I wrote those notes as though putting pearl beads onto the string, thoroughly and diligently each one  after the other one stringing them together/ And came out an amazing creation- a pearl necklace of my outlines-memories.

Unrepeatable in its beauty and charm, warmth of light and play of shadows and colors and words.

This is my favourite: the classic word search and play of fantasy and imagination.

Read. please, and enjoy as I am doing so.

Let not to be upset a few my readers and heroes of my stories at some unexpected flashes of my memories as they are sincere and soulful.

I am thankful to all who gave me inspiration: the family, friends, classmates. Without this habitat for humanity my creativity would not haooen.

Once again, Thanks and till new meetings on the “Babulka”.

Listen to the nice music above.

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