“Magic Power of Memories” by Valentina Filina-Pattison CHAPTER 6 KLAVA ( to be continued)



We met with our classmates at the Museum where Klava Polyakova worked and is still working as a Director since 1983. What struck me most in this Museum: the opulence of the red banners and rewards as the pieces of exposition. We immediately took advantage of this situation and took many pictures on the picturesque background.Klava passed me a copy of the Plant “Bryansk Arsenal” Newspaper , dated October 2002 #13 (1775) where there was published the article about her. The photoes are here.

The newspaper was founded in 1957, the same year when Klava, as all of our classmates, was 17. She entered the plant “Arsenal” and became a turner. Then she graduated from the Institute, became an engineer, transformed to the Department of the Chief Designer, where she met her future husband Anatoliy Ivanovich Bakin. They had a wonderful wedding celebration and worked together hand-in-hand all their lives. They raised up two daughters and a son. All got the higher education. The older daughter works as a coach in mountain skis, the younger one has her own clothes’ business. Son works as a computer engineer in the USA. The Bakins have 4 granddaughters: Olesya, Nastya, Masha, Anya.Klavdiya Sergeyevna Bakina is working as a Chairman Of Veterans’ Committee, visiting the vets’ homes every so often, cheers them up. In her 80-s she feels that she is extremely needed not only in the family but by the other people as well. That gives her big satisfaction in life. 

We are proud of you, KLAVA! Congrats on your jubulee, Klava! All the best to you and your family!

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