Serghei called me “mamochka” since the first time he saw me. Why? Because he lost his Mom five years ago. Something warm and motherlike was in my personality that reminded him about his own Mom. She suffered a lot from disease and he knew that.

But as happened often in real life: too many businesses distracted his attention from everyday life. When he arrived to see his mother she had gone. Serghei’s wound of the loss of his beloved Mom was great and fresh.

So, upon visiting me in Calgary in need of the translation to be done, some of his deep feelings came to senses and since that same moment we became friends.

He is a tile-setter by profession and has learnt his trade neither in universities, nor at colleges, but from life, itself: once he noticed an old man in Portugal doing his great tile-setting work. Serghei approached him and showed his keen interest in it. The man liked Serghei, turned to him and said:” I have a son who is completely out of interest in my profession. Come, son, another time and I will teach you all my tricks and secrets to be a successful tile-setter.” Serghei came and was taught.

Since then he is a master of the profession. And a prime example of this is: come and visit our home and see to yourselves that he has done for us and many other lucky Calgarians.

On the 20-th of August is Serghei’s Birthday. We would like to congratulate him on his b-day and wish him all the best in his life: good health, the best relationship with his family: wife Snejana, thier wonderful daughter Olivia. Many happy returns on this day, Serghei!

For you and your family we are giving you these freshly cut gladiolii from our garden and watch a piece of beautiful music and dance for you, Serghei!

And beautiful verses by Marina Tsvetaeva “August-asters…” but in our case, August-gladioluses…The translation is done by Ilya Shambat in 2002.




Of grapes and ashberry


Like a child, August,

You play with your apple,

Good-natured and full of weight.

Like with hand, with your imperial,

Name you do caress the heart:

August!- Heart!

Month of late kisses,

Of late roses and late lightning!

Of the rain beneath the stars.

August! – Month

Of the rain beneath the stars!” (1917)

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