“Did you know, Klinton, that your Grandpa James saw the first Holiday train in 1999 when you were not born yet?” I asked 9 y.o. boy who is visiting the Anderson station in Calgary on this special occasion to see the Holiday CPR Train.

“No, I did not.” he answered. “Then, listen, what your Grandpa is telling you.

“The CPR Holiday Train is North America’s longest rolling food bank fundraiser started in 1999. I remember as it was yesterday. I worked in Ogden Shops and it was by the end of the working day we saw the beautiful Christmas CPR train rolling on the tracks and after 18 years I see it again. It’s a real pleasure to meet it!”

“Yes, there are so many festivities around, and music is playing, and artists are singing, and so many kids around with their families.” 

Fundraisers are everywhere, they say that raised close to 9,5 million and 3,3 million pounds of food. Travelling musicians will play more than 150 concerts in 2017.

We were participating in this show together with Stephanie’s (James’s daughter) family. Some photos are here.

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