It’s a man who needs to conform to weather and its patterns. Example, if it is 30 below zero, dress properly. If you built a house near a river in a flood zone because of heavy rains in the area, expect problems. Your house will be washed away, as in Messina, Italy lately.

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The weather has always for centuries been unpredictable, but now with global warming as an issue it has become sometimes erratic. Massive deadly hurricanes in the South Atlantic and dangerous typhoons in South Pacific, also glacial melting in the Arctic and the Antarctic. These phenomena are creating the weather patterns that we have to-day. How we cope and manage in the future will depend on how mankind lives up and meets the new challenges. If we do not, it could spell disaster for future generations. Time will tell, but we do not have a lot of it.

Enjoy our album photo shows about summer and autumn, and the beauty nature  bestows on us.

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