The Movie “Wolf Messing” or The Talk About Our Psychic Powers

WolfMessing3To the left is a DVD  cover for the movie “Wolf Messing”, produced in Russia, 2009.

I met Wolf Messing in early 1960s when I was a student of the Orel University and he arrived with the show “The New Psychological Experiments” to our big hall with a capacity for 500-600 people. His appearance was not striking, he looked like an ordinary guy as I remember. But what was that surprised me a lot, that he did not look straight at people as if he were avoiding direct accidental or intense eye contact. What he did on the stage, you cannot imagine?! The students who were invited by him, they were subjected to hypnosis and fulfilled such strange things in front of the whole public as: imagining swimming in the sea, dressing and undressing, etc. When they woke up, they did not remember anything.

In the movie “Wolf Messing” the actor Eugene Kniazev who made his best to portray such a difficult character, does the same  when upon arrival in the USSR Josef Stalin set a test for him. It was not an easy one. Messing was to enter Stalin’s country house-a place bristling with guards and secret police-without a pass.

To the right and to the left are the photos of this moment.

Wolf Messing1One day as Stalin sat working in the office of his country home, a man walked cooly into the grounds and then into theWolf Messing house. All the guards and servants stood back respectfully as he passed. He walked to the doorway of Stalin’s study. en Stalin looked up he was astonished. The man was Messing!

The celebrated psychic’s explanation was this: by mental suggestion he had made the guards think he was Lavrenti Beria, the much-feared head of the secret police at that time. So strong were his powers that, even though Messing looked nothing like Beria, the guards were convinced he was.

I myself believe that everybody is psychic. That sentence deserves repeating and emphasizing. Everybody is psychic. Being psychic isn’t some special gift of a chosen few; it has nothing to do with social status, intelligence, colour or creed. We are all born psychic but most of us haven’t learned how to tap in to that part of us yet.

Did you know it’s a scientific fact that human beings use only a small proportion of their brain?  Some say it’s as little as 15%. It’s said that psychics use a further area. Human beings are such wonderful entities with endless capabilities, and yet we use such a minuscule proportion of our resources.

Let us read through the visualization technique and do some relaxation exercises. We need them in our hasty era.


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