It’s very difficult to know what is happening inside our bodies without the help of doctors. This is why from the very beginning we should say to our doctors “BIG THANKS for all work which they are doing to help us to be alive, staying in this world”. Janko, for instance, undewent three surgeries: hernia, prostate cancer and lately, kidney cancer. Myself, I am suffering with one thinning kidney working 18%, and the other one- 87%.
Plus diabetis. So the doctors prescribed us a strict diet of eating habits: not to consume red meats, just the white one-poultry, goose, turkey, duck, fish of all kinds, no salt, no trans fat, lots of fruits, no cow dairy products. We changed regular cow milk for almond organic milk and evaporated one.

Наш хлеб, 2021ё год

The time has changed a lot, so do we. One advice – do not get hung up to the food preparation, life is more interesting than food, use as many kitchen helping devices as possible, today is, for example, The Crownful Bread Maker, Model: BM4406-UL, helps us to make a delicious bread. Press the button- ONE,TWO,THREE… the bread is ready. Here is the picture of it.
My new book is a useful experience for those who want to live longer and healthier life. My recipes are very cheap but nice.
Recipe 1. Start with the bread : Water 1 and a half cup, no salt, bread flour 4 cups, yeast (any) 2 and a half teaspoons.
By the way, in Russia even exists the discoteque group “HLEB” (BREAD)
Listen to it while baking:
(to be continued)

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