New 2011 Year is Marching on Our Planet Soon!

NewYear2011soon!One does not need to rush to the Time Square in new York, or to the Winter Palace Square, in St. Petersburg (Russia) to feel the festival of meeting a New Year.

New technology became different nowadays and changed us completely. To the left a Russian photo of “New Year is coming soon”.

It is enough to look at your i-phone, to watch World Clock with moving hands and one feels almost physically how time is flying.

First, new year 2011 is welcoming New Zealand, then Australia, after Vladivostok in Russia, slowly crawling to St. Petersburg which is situated in the Russian Federation and to us, in Canada, jumping the last.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Vladivostok

Sitting with your own computer one can have a conference call with the whole world using a live web camera and see the eyes, the mimics and even the details of costumes of the people participating. Let’s start our Skype conference call right now:

1. Hi, your new year 2011 tree has been ready, hasn’t it? Your New 2011 year has already arrived, hasn’t it?

Australia: Oh, yes. First, to new Zealand, and then to us.

1. Happy New 2011 Year, our dears, we wish you all in the world luck and success.

2. Thanks. The same to you.

1.How is the weather like in St. Petersburg, Russia?

3. Fine. Snow and frost. Happy New Year 2011 to you! May all your dreams come true.

1. In Calgary -16 degrees C. Happy New Year, happiness and health to all of you..

For entertainment watch these cartoons and listen to the wonderful music:Merry New Year Songs and Cartoons

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