Olivia & Rapunzel1On one brilliant Indian Summer day the girl named Rapunzel flew, from the brothers’ Grimm’s fairy-tale “Rapunzel” to the Olivia’s window. The morning was splendid. Mom and Dad were very busy somewhere. So, Olivia was alone.

In the bright sunshine beam she saw fluffy fair hair of the girl and her big sparkling blue eyes.

“Hi”, said Olivia. “Who are you?”

“I’m Rapunzel”, answered the girl, giggling in a funny way.

“What are doing here?” asked again Olivia in a surprise/

“I want to be friends with you. Do you mind?” responded Rapunzel

“Not at all.” said Olivia. “What can you do, Rapunzel?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Olivia &Rapunzel

“I can fly, low and high”, continued to chatter Rapunzel.

“I can jump too, low and high, but my Mom doesn’t allow me to jump very high, she says that I can hurt myself”, told Olivia.

“Your Mom’s right. Some kids jump high and then fall down, hurting themselves badly.” told Rapunzel: “Let’s have our two hands together and do a low flight over the grass. You’ll see how it’s enjoyable.”

And they put their hands and heels together, kissed each other as a warm greeting and flew out of the room, first to Olivia’s yard, the – to the streets and farther and farther from home.

They flew low, keeping their eyes on the road, Olivia – in a manner of a jumping ball, Rapunzel – floating in shrieks, both smiling and talkative. Olivia – with one braid tied up as a pony tail, Rapunzel – with long-long hair tingled everywhere but she tried to escape the hindrances so, that not a single hair was dropped- that is how she was a skillful flyer.

The jumped-and-flew and observed what happened in this world: the eruption of the volcano to be in 70 kilometers from Tokyo, the Taichung storms to come on the Island Amuri, severe wind to struck Tokyo with the velocity of 240 m/hour. Both girls were equipped with eye-glasses, kind of goggles, of universal vision, just adjust them, with the free hands, Olivia’s right one, Rapunzel’s -left one.

Olivia & RapunzelThey switched to the other division of their goggles, and all of a sudden, the girls saw a 17-year old girl from Afghanistan to take her Nobel prize for outstanding successes in advocating for better education for the girls.

Time lapsed so quickly: the twilight surrenders on the earth.

“Oh, my Mom will worry where I am”, said Olivia to her friend.

“Yes, you’re right.” agreed Rapunzel.

In no time they flew-and-jumped home and waited for Olivia’s Mom.

When Mom came, Olivia introduced to her a new friend. And since now on they started to live together. Soon Olivia’s Dad returned from work and joined them. They had a very good time altogether.

So, what was happening on one brilliant Indian Summer day…

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