Our Across Canada Journey (Part 3)

July 27, 2005. Drove the whole day and part of the night: 16 hours Janko was behind the wheel, exhausted but satisfied.Real hero of driving.  Stopped overnight at “Canadian Inn”, Sudburry. (61 dollars per night)

July 28, 2005. Browsing around Sudburry, a good-size industrial mining town full of grocery stores and other necessary things for decent living.

July 28, 2005. Wawa. Trading Post and Museum? the big sign of Goose on the Road and Gift Shops. Visited Wawa and bought the shipskin to cover my chair (130 dollars).

July 29, 2005. Toronto.Stayed a few nights at Valery and Natasha Narivanchyks’ place.

The whole day we spent down town . Toronto with its Tower and other big and small buildings did not impress me at all. Just a place to reside and survive. Many open markets as in Russia and Ukraine. Big Russian and Ukrainian communities here, the people even don’t bother speaking English in Canada, they communicate in their native language.

July 30, 2005. Niagra Falls. The way to Niagra Falls took us 4 hours instead of one hour and a quarter. It seems that all population from countries the Caribbean Sea from the USA and Canada is travelling to Toronto for Carafest in opposite directions than we are. “This festival helps in healing, by letting black and Caribbean people overcome their feelings of loneliness, being outcast and being racialized- if only for one day. This is real Carnival, when society is turned on its head and the rich are poor, and the poor are rich, when men can be women, when straights can be gay and all vice versa.” Cecil Foster (Adopted from cover story at nowtoronto, 2005.)”I am Mr. John Brown, bus driver, but on this day I am the King of Siam. I can go back to regular life to-morrow, but to-day, don’t touch the King. That’s the essence of Carnival.” David Rudder.

We took a boat trip om “Misty Maid” in transparent raincoats ’cause it felt like having shower by salty  dispersing water. The American side of Niagra Falls is completely different, smaller and not so impressive.Canadian resort town Niagra Falls is booming, full of American and foreign tourists, streets are designed in Holliwood style, with Haunting houses, Museum of Movie stars, Wax figures, games for kids and adults. Two big casinos.

On the photos Janko is in Toronto (above), Janko is in Niagra Falls (to the left and to the right)) and one photo of Caribana Advertisement.

(To be continued)



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