We live in the area full of pine and fur trees: so, the habitat is healthy with fresh air and singing birds on a rare occasion.

At the hard time of pandemic more people are becoming introverted and less hospitable while you’re meeting them on the street. It’s understandable. The fear has been generated from the circumstances of contagion.

It’s very important at this time to be busy with home tasks, talking to the family and friends by the phone to encourage each opther.

Communicatuion is extremely important at this difficult time of ours.

Christmas lights decorations, pleasant music listening, sharing stories with each other, even if you heard them one thousand times before – that is the buttress against the forces of negativity and fear.

Cooking at home, reading a lot, interacting with each other is embracing our time, and hopefully we pass our spirit and cheefulness to you, my dear readers.

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