“Rails-Ties, Rails-Ties,

Which make a long track,

Up on it, running, running,

The train oh! so late, and ever so funny!

“Why funny?” asks Nanny,

‘Cause of its last car,

The peas were rolling out,

To meet a boy scout.

The cackling Hens, frolicking and playing,

Came and ate all the peas.

Then Ducks went to,

And grazed in the grass.

After the Snakes were slithering,

Ate up the peas and went away.

There came an Elephant,

Trotting all the peas and went.

There came a cleaner, sweeping

The yard and went away.

After came a manager,

Who brought a type-writer with,

A chair to sit on, starting to type underneath:

“I’ve bought for my daughter and wife,

Dots, dots, dots, dots, dots, dots, dots,

Multi-colored stockings,

Dots, dots, dots, dots, dots,dots, dots,

Those were not so simple,

Dots, dots, dots, dots, dots, dots, dots,

The stockings were made of gold,

Dots, dots, dots, dots, dots, dots, dots,

Wrapping up the letter,

Putting  into the envelope, sealed,                                                                                                                                                                               And sent it quickly away.”                                             See the link about massage.Ага! Это всем пригодится!


The funny fable like this which was translated from Russian into English does not make a sense from the first sight. But I am introducing it here as an accompanying lulliby or refrain going together with your hands’ movements doing before go to bed massage for our children. Fable massage therapy which is relaxing and pacifying them, and in regards to the words, they can be improvised according to your own taste.

I did it myself for my grandson last year and now , by the way, he arrived at the end of this May on the route as it was before and in the same way, by himself in accompaniment with a stewardess from LUFTHANZE AIRLINES. Straight from St. Petersburg, Russia, through Frankfurt (Germany) to Calgary (Canada). Last year on Yanko’s retirement day, June 6, 2008 where he was present, when Yanko mentioned how Gleb, 11 y.o. at that time, traveled across the ocean from overseas by himself, 140 people coming to say to their Buddy best wishes, gave Gleb a standing 5-minutes ovation, clapping with their hands, praising the brave young gentleman who did it. That was a real spectacle to watch. Go back to the page “Social Club” -“After 32 Years Service in Canadian Pacific Railways” James Holly’ Retirement”.

Believe Gleb, it is not easy to travel without parents, fearful but possible. Now he arrived again for summer vacation. Welcome to Canada, young fellow!

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