Big sports event in Calgary today: school kids run Terry Fox Run or as it is officially stated “Ambulance Chasers Charity Run”.

With fierce determination Terry, who was diagnosed with bone cancer, ran an average of 42 kilometres (26 miles) every day for 143 days. Terry was forced to end his run on September 1, 1980, when cancer spread to his lungs. Later he died in age of 22.

Little Klinton from Aidrie Public School and Olivia from South West School, Calgary, ran Terry Fox Run for their Grandpa James (Janko) Holly, to feel better after his prostate cancer surgery. They showed their certificates to Janko and even visited him face -to-face.

Little Graydon, 3 y.o., brought as a gift a turkey bird to Grandpa to celebrate the Thanksgiving day with him. The story is behind it:

“Me, pay”, he said to his Mom, pointing with his small index finger at the turkey bird, “It’s for Grandpa.”

Or,  a little token of attention from the neighbouring girls, Julia and May Hey,in origami style box lying “Healing Dragon” with the card “Good Recovery, Janko, after your surgery!” Such small things from kids, friends and family members, their warm words and visits full of joy, really, are helping to restore the health faster and better.

“As vivid as at broad daylight I recollect that day of the Eleventh of September of 2017″, said Janko to us:” The operation room looked like a kind of pilot’s cabin in the plane- everywhere electronic devices, computer screens are lit up…”Where are you, Dr. Gregory Kozak?” I asked in astonishment. “I’m here, Mr. Holly.” answered he lifting up his hand. A few doctors were standing next to him. He looked like a captain of the big aeroplane moving into eternity…”

Da Vinchi equipment first came to Canada to the city of Calgary, and Doctor Kozak was one of the first urologists who greeted it enthusiastically-laparoscopic surgery was a new technology of treating prostate cancer. Some patients prefer open surgeries to robotic.

After 4-hours operation which was brilliantly done by Dr. Kozak’s team, Mr. Holly opened his eyes in the recovery room and three hours later was transported to his ward. many a friend and family members visited Janko every day at the Rocky View hospital, cheered him up and it was a wonderful atmosphere around him. Larisa and Gleb from overseas requested updates every hour.

After having signed out of hospital started the hard days of post surgery recovery at home. Here’s Val was at her best organising 24-hours shifts near Janko, slowly, bit by bit our beloved Jim-Janko started to feel better and better.

Just little ones began to grow up quicker and realising that their Grandpa is in danger. 

“Me, pay”, said little Graydon to his Mom, pointing at this turkey thanksgiving bird. “I’ts for Grandpa!” Love and care one cannot buy for any money in the world. Whether it’s there or it’s not. Kids cannot pretend, they are too genuine.

Thank yo very much to everybody who partook the Janko’s post surgery recovery time. Without your support, love and kind hearts it would be difficult to overcome this. Special thanks to Gleb and Larisa from overseas who were with us as they were next to us.

“Life keeps on for me. And I’m glad that all of you were and are with me on this earth. God bless you all”, said Janko.


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