“They say that the Earth is rotating quicker and quicker,

Years as birds are flying fast,

And we’re ageing as slow ,

as possible, as I consider,

That we’ll live till ZERO,

No need to reckon ages,

We’ll figure out ourselves… then.”

Rimma Levchenko-Mitichkina

This morning at 11-00 a.m. by Moscow time on December 28, 2017 Emma Mahova hosted the get-together of 6 members of the Badek Club: Rimma, Klava, Nellya, Zoya, Valya and me with Janko who joined them on Skype, preparing the bottle of Champagne to celebrate our meeting and 70-th Birthday of Janko. As usual, there were lots of warm good words addressing to each other and personally to Janko. He was definitely touched by the great attention to his persona and grateful to all the pretty girls and each of them, individually. They showed the presents which were sent to them in advance: the personalised mugs to every member of our team.

They were designed by me for each girl personally and printed by Dutch company Vistaprint.

In the participation of the festivities dedicated to 70-th anniversary of James (Janko) Holly took place also two sons and daughter of the Jubilee, his three grandchildren: Klinton, Graydon, John as well as Larisa and Gleb Kostins, our dear friends from Calgary: Lyuda Shulgina and her husband Woitek, son Joseph; Sergey and Snejana Alixeii and their daughter Olivia; Rudy and Patricia Lutz. Thanks a lot to all participants and their great gifts given to the Jubilee.  

At the end of the post I’d like to send musical greetings to my classmates and all participants of our festivities with the polite song from Canada by Dave Hadfield and his brother in just hopes that our day is going okay, and even if it’s festive day. then it’s going more than okay, just excellent!.

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