CalgaryStampede2011To-day, July 12th, 2011 is Heritage Day at Stampede grounds: so, seniors are allowed free admission throughout the whole day. Look at the photos everywhere in the post from there.

As we were before at Stampede with Gleb and without him, we know already that many a thing take place as by tradition, including Snowbird marching bands, rodeo, chuck wagon for adults and kids, horse races, agricultural events, Indian tepee and many other interesting things.

But what is new at the moment?

Stampede 2011 153I checked the Stampede program and found out: Human Cannonball ride. Oh, really?! And rushed to the Saddle dome Plaza to watch an unprecedented show. The Human cannonball was David Smith, we see him and me at the pictures at our photo expose below.

Do you remember the adventures of Baron Munchausen?                                                                                                                        220px-Bruckner_-_Münchhausen

Who was he?

Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von Munchhausen (May 11, 1720-February 22, 1797) usually known as Baron Munchausen in English, was a German nobleman, born and died in Bodenwerder (Electorate Brunswick-Luneburg), a famous recounter of tall tales, for example, the Baron’s astounding feats, riding cannonballs.

In Bodenwerder (the birthplace of the baron) and Kaliningrad (Russia) are two monuments, portraying Baron’s cannonball ride. There is a club “Munchhausen’s Grandchildren” where the old tall tale telling tradition is kept on.

This is his real portrait and it is the way how he himself started once:

“I took my mark so direct, that whenever I aimed a cannon-ball or shell at any person on the world…”

Watch the Calgary Stampede Human Cannonball show:

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Just imagine how the Baron flies over the battle field clinging to a cannonball…

Calgary Stampede 2011 gained more fans and on-goers as to the Western culture which is demonstrated in full since 1912 was added up some interesting European tricks as today’s, reminding us about that noble German man Baron Munchhausen, his astonishing travelling adventures written with the top-creative imagination and genius.

Watch movie:Baron Munchhausen

Read his tall tales in English:

I wish you all lots of wonderful cannonball rides in your lives, my friends!

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