Today is 100-th Anniversary of the End of WWI and 100-th Anniversary of Foundation of the Chechoslovakian Republic. 

History is a very interesting thing to follow. Here is the old photo of Viktor Holly, Jim (Janko) and Karl’s father who immigrated to Canada in 1927. He came straight from Chechoslovakia.  

On this photo, he’s sitting in a white shirt, with crossed legs, with his fellows-conscripted, in Trenchin, Chechoslovakia, in 1922, after the WWI finished and founded the Chechoslovakian Republic.

Young man Viktor who could make his life in Canada, where his sons live now, thrive and enjoy every moment of time. He participated then as a lieutenant of Canadian Naval Forces escorting the convoys from Canada to Britain. 

We now remember ViKtor the Senior, expressing our gratitude for his wisdom to come to Canada, giving birth to his 2 sons and many grandchildren, surrounding them with love, respect, and perseverance.

We see Viktor’s future in children, whom he loved very much. So, his love passed through the generations to us. Grandchildren are as the sun warming us with their laughter, smiles, playfulness and lovable, inquisitive attitude.

Here we are, (photos to the left and to the right) on the Memorial Drive, Calgary, where there were erected along the Avenue the white crosses with the names of the fallen soldiers.

We pay respect and honours to them. We will never forget you!

To commemorate this day we propose to listen to the beautiful sounds of music:












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