Trails of a Traveler


trailsMany of us like traveling, enjoying the wonders of the world. As the English people say about travelers who “have the itchy feet”. What is around the corner, why do I want to go there, is it curiosity or what? A sense of exploration, adventure, understanding of the unknown. We cannot compete with the National Geographic or History Channel on North American TV or big web sites, ours is different because this is what everybody can do it  with a little bit of effort, know how and careful planning. Amateurs try to enjoy themselves, the destination should not be one of the main objectives but combined with the sense of adventure, the unexpected and sometimes boring monotony of a trip especially when driving long distances. Examples to overcome this monotony could be a stop in a small town, have a meal, talk to local people, learn about the history of the area and points of interest, write it down and keep a diary of your travels. Never be in a hurry.

For example, on our way home from our Trans-Canada Odyssey we encountered a slight mishap, nothing serious, mind you, if you consider a fuel pump malfunction in our van which we were driving in the middle of nowhere on the prairies close to Strathmore Alberta but unfortunately not close enough. We were stalled. Nothing worked. We had no cellular phone that time, in summer 2005. What could be done? Across the street luckily there was a farm house and I hoped it would be occupied. We needed help and a phone.

flowersWhile Janko was arranging to get us help by calling the Automobile Association, I decided not to waste my time in vain. Opposite that house was an enormous distance to the horizon of wheat fields forming ears ripe enough to pick them up and among them blue cornflowers, how many of them were around me! It was a wonder of joy and beauty. I could not help collect them in a bucket of flowers and wheat. Janko was nervous as usual but upon seeing me peacefully organizing the bucket and my smiling at it he calmed down and got more confidence in spite of the situation. Eventually he started the van and lo and behold! We were on our way home. That beautiful bucket I still keep at home as a souvenir, and as a both a memory of a trip and an adventure. The photo of this bucket is represented here and I hope it will become our emblem of travelers’ club.

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