MARIA has got two sisters and one brother. The younger sister’s name was ANASTASIYA ( we called her always Auntie Nalya ). She was married to ALEXANDER KRYLOV. They had 5 daughters (my cousins): Evgeniya (Zhenya)- the oldest, Nadezhda, Svetlana, Vera, Lyubov (Lyuba). Two sisters Zhenya and Sveta worked as nurses at the Peredeltsy Hospital which is situated in 30 km from the city of MOSCOW.
As far as I remember, once I came to MOSCOW and stayed couple days at Zhenya’s apartment in PEREDELTSY. I never forget the piano play of her daughter to be performed specially for me.
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We sat at the table, drinking jasmine tea, talked about everything.
Zhenya said to me: “Here I am, working as devil days and nights, practically for the whole district, actually fulfilling the functions of a doctor but the salary is paid to me as a nurse”.
“Why?”, I asked in surprise.
“‘Cause I don’t have the higher aducation which corresponds to the doctor’s position.” explained Zhenya then.
“I have to go for education to the 1-st Medical Moscow Institute”, she added.
“Really?” I asked her in misbelief. “You have a family: daughter, husband.”
“Yes. I made up my mind”, she continued. “They have combined education:full-time, part-time and by correspondence. It suits me perfect.” concluded Zhenya.
The years were passing by. Zhenya, i.e. Evgeniya Alexandrovna Krylova, completed her 6-year medical education at the 1-st Medical Moscow Institute, was granted a DIPLOMA of a DOCTOR, and allowed to practise as a DOCTOR. She was in her fifties, before the pension age.And we all were proud of her, her perseverance and dedication to the profession.
In regards to the rest of my cousins Krylovs I would say only one thing: they were lovely, enthusiastic and followed a monderful example of their eldest sister ZHENYA.
I remember as once the youngest LYUBA came to BRYANSK where I lived at that time.
“I want to try to enter the BRYANSK Technological Institute.” she said.
“Okay.” I answered.”However, it’s not easy. 5 Entrance exams you need to pass.” I warned her.
“I know. I’ll try my best.”
I looked at her. In front of me a pretty, blonde, neatly dressed girl of eighteen. “She needs lots of encouragement” I thought to myself about her.
And I went with her for each and every examination to be passed, standing behind the hall door where used to run the exam.
And… she passed, entered and graduated from the Bryansk Technological Institute, later found a good job, married and had children.
Auntie Nalya herself was not so rich but always was ready to share the last penny they got. Uncle Sasha was much alike her. In their house we always were welcome and spent good time.
I will never forget time of swimming and bathing in the Sudost river in POCHEP, its white sand banks, our sunbathing, chasing butterflys and grasshoppers and adour of ripen antonovsky apples in their garden.
Oh, smell of childhood, it is unrepeatable and pleasant!
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( to be continued)

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