Lidia, Inna & meOur local poetess Lidia Spitsyna visited us not long ago with her new verses impromptu. Here they are in my translation:

“Here are the different rules,

And different “ego”s there are:

No-one wants to see no-ones,

To live just for what you are.

No-one listens to no-ones,

Does not accept even the tears,

Estranged themselves all at once,

From own beloved mothers.

Their heads get dizzy with mummons,

To the extremes – forget the Lord!

At their end of life, it summons,

To be in comfort or somewhere else?”

Calgary, July 2, 2016

To the left is the photo of this event (Lidia Spitsyna to the right)

Listen to the musical greetings from Robertino Loreti.


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