Magic CardsMagic the Gathering (MTG), also known as Magic is the first collectible card game, created by Richard Garfield and introduced by Wizards of the Coast. Magic continues to thrive, with approximately 12 million players as of 2011. Each battle represents a battle between mighty wizards, known as “planes-walkers”, who employ the magical spells, items, and fantastic creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents.

I am talking to my grandson Gleb about this kind of stuff which I never heard about before:

1: I am wondering, why it became popular, this Magic?

2. ‘Cause it’s interesting and costs not much compared to “War-hammer”, for instance.Magic

1: You’re right. Are any rules in it?

2: Sure. One needs to know them, indeed.

1: Do you like to win?

2: Who does not? Silly question.

1: How many friends of yours are involved in this game?

2: All of them. Do you like magic, Grandma?

1: Yes. “When an unkind word is on your lips, when a selfish, angry feeling rises in your heart, or an unkind, cruel deed is to be done, then will you hear the soft, low chime of the flower-bell: listen to its warning, let the word remain unspoken, the deed undone, and in the quiet joy of your own heart, and the MAGIC perfume of your bosom flower, you will find a sweet reward”. (from “Flower Fables” by Alcott, Luisa May.

2: Maybe, you’re right, Grandma.

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