Dry Pond2Gleb grabbed his camera in excitement and jumped out of the house. Dry Pond1Reluctantly we followed him.

In front of our eyes there was an unusual scene: that is which is called “Dry-Wet Pond”. To the left and to the right Gleb’s pictures of it. One of them is depicting the dry pond in sunny weather, the others are Wet Pondportraying the same pond after the stormy rain.Wet Pond1

We are wondering what is a dry-wet pond. It is called also a detention basin that is a storm water management facility installed on,or adjacent to, tributaries of rivers, streams, lakes or bays which is designed to protect against flooding and, in some cases, downstream erosion by strong water for a limited period of time.

We counted  more than 20 vaults-structures to reduce the speed of entering flood water. We also recollected how the people were suffering without that pond when their basements were over flooded and big damage was done. Now it is different. The lake is in the basin, and as if by magic in some while later, the water disappeared, the favorite soccer field is becoming accessible for fun. Thank you, the city of Calgary, for such a fantastic gift to us!

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