Abstract2On these close to Halloween celebrating days it came to Janko’s mind the childhood’s TrenchinCastlestories told by his Dad more than half a century ago.

It was in Slovakia, in the region of Trenchin when Viktor Holly was serving the Army he was told by the local people this legend which is called “Tale of Omar and the Well of Love”. To the right is the  photo of Trenchin Castle, to the left is the photo of Trenchin military barracks.

In the period of the reign of the Zapolsky family in the Trenchin Castle there lived Omar and Fatima  who were in love with each Trenchinarmybarracksother. Fatima was captive by Stephan Zapolsky, in return for her freedom Omar promised to dig a well in the castle. He would use his 300 comrades to help him out and it took them 3 years to do it with a huge loss of lives. At the end he told Zapolsky: “You have the water but no heart”. With this he led Fatima to his home who was freed from the Castle.

When Janko’s father served in the military the soldiers were proposed to bivouac at the Trenchin  Castle but they refused in unison. Why? Because the young people heard that the Castle was haunted supposedly. Thus says the legend.

Do you believe in Ghosts personally? Yes, I do in a sense.

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