A Happy New 2016 Year from the New Calgary Buddhist Temple

ft_cover_416___800_watchers_and_happy_new_year___by_nina2119-d9m3euaAfter a year of planning, demolition and construction, the new Calgary Buddhist Temple is finally complete. The Bridgeland location dates back to the early 1920s when it stood as the Croatian Catholic Church. It became the Calgary Buddhist Centre in 1981 – until now it maintained old relics . The rebuilt cost the centre $2 million, raised from local communities and Buddhist temples across Canada.

The New Year post card which is above symbolizes a Happy New 2016 year greetingsCalgary6 from us: Gleb, Larisa, Janko and Valentina, the whole family, greets all our friends and their families on the eve of the New 2016 year, wishing the happiness of the world, strong Siberian health and luck in all your endeavors.

The picture is drawn in manga style, comics, created in Japan, or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.

Calgary2Tonight we are visiting this temple to celebrate a Happy New 2016 year. Under pleasant impressions about our last year visit to Japan we opened the doors of a new Buddhist temple in Calgary. We participated in the ceremony of ringing bells, chanting and later we were invited to join the community traditional meals: Udon noodle soup, tea and sweets. Everything was delicious. We socialized a little bit with the people, sensei James and his wife Liana. Some picture are here and there.

Sensei Robert Gubenco, sensei James Martin and president of centre’s board Rod Burylo said: “The building stood for around 100 years, and for a long time, it just sat empty. So, this is an opportunity to give a gift to Calgary and see the temple stand another 100 years”.

This is a Japanese New year song:

For our cherished readers we prepare the beautiful very emotional anime music, which is composed specially for cartoons.

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