Everybody knows that night dreams are a reflection of the days’ activities. It’s definitely, yes. And definitely, no.

Liza’s night dream was lately a replay of the day. About her house on the fourteenth floor hanging somewhere in the air. She saw herself and her Mom, sitting at her kitchen table and talking. All of a sudden numbers “18” and “19” were shown on the horizon as warriors, plastic  figurines.

Gleb’s dream was different. That was a flight of imagination: digits “20/20” were as if dancing in his mind. According to Ioanne Bogoslov, Gleb said, it meant the end of the world is coming in 2020.Dreams3

That is interesting.

But in real life we are more concerned about good manners of our children.

“Do not hurt my feelings!”, it means: be thankful for what you are given, never judge others or criticize too harshly if you do not like something, you can refuse but in a gentle, polite way. Otherwise you can hurt somebody’s feelings or strain your relationship. Doing it too often you may be no longer welcome. You cannot undo what you had said.

It’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it for all to see. Think before you speak. This is the first rule of good manners.

“Keep your privacy!”, it means: respect another person’s space in direct sense, and indirect, an individual’s personality, feelings. Never push too far and disturb another person’s tranquility. This is the second rule of good manners.

The third one is: be helpful, offer your services, don’t wait to be asked. If asking is constantly necessary, you give the impression that you don’t want to do it. We wish our teen-agers to be well mannered, not perfect but well mannered!

Listen to the song:“All I have to Do is Dream” by Everly Brothers

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