ladybugOne. Students in a Nia class fly like butterflies, bend like flowers, tickle the air and leave embarrassment at the door. It draws from nine well-established forms of mind-body exercise from the three categories of martial, dance and healing arts: tae kwon do, Tai Chi and aikodo; jazz, modern and Duncan dance (from Isadora); Feldenkrais, the Alexander technique and yoga.

Two. The USA health officials have approved the use of a tiny telescope implanted inside the eye to counter a leading cause of blindness in older adults.The innovative Implantable Miniature Telescope aims to help in the end stages of incurable age-related macular degeneration, a creeping loss of central vision that blocks reading, watching television, eventually even recognizing faces.

Three. Artist Tony Tasset unveils his sculpture eye at Pritzker Park in Chicago’s loop district on Wednesday. A 10-meter rendering  of the artist’s own eyeball. Eye will be on display until October 31.

Four. A report card by Kate Hammer: Higher computer literacy increased incidents of deceit in school, teachers need to test students more strategically.

Five. “MIDNAPORE  CYCLE”, the  two hour play, blends theatre, history, risk, it is but one event celebrating the area east of Macleod Trail and south of Fish Creek.

New from the latest issues of “The Globe and Mail” and “The Calgary Herald”.

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