Watch our video: “Panoramic View of the Waikiki Beach, summer 2012”

Wai-kiki Beach (Gleb enjoying)Did you notice that the Waikiki beach is not crowded as it was before?

Empty beaches show that the tourist industry is not working very well. So, the first reason is: world recession. People travel less. Second. Remoteness. Many Japanese people are using the accommodations here. It is clear why. For them it’s only 5 hours flight from Tokyo.

And what about from Europe? 18-20 hours in the plane plus different stops. The European beaches are overcrowded during all the seasons. People are seen everywhere. Last time we had been in the South of Spain, in Malaga.

“Janko”, asked Gleb “You’ve been sick in Malaga almost for a whole week, how come that in Hawaii you’re not sick, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know, Gleb”, replied Janko” Maybe the different climate and different oceans. There close to Gibraltar Strait, the Atlantic ocean, here’s the South of the Pacific ocean”.

“Yeh, the Hawaiian climate seems milder”, concluded Gleb.”Better for health”.

What wonderful sun, palms, what water is on the Waikiki beach! Enjoy it!

Watch our photo presentation: “Waikiki, summer 2012”

Wai-kiki Beach, Honolulu, July 31-August 7, 2012

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