One. Global International Fireworks festival took place in Calgary. What a wonder!
Source : Calgary Herald online.
Listen to a beautiful song:

Lucy Giles of Oxon, said that her Newfoundler dog Brody saved her life who constantly sniffed
her armpit where later the doctors found breast cancer in lucy’s body.
Source: Good News Network.
Three Another story about hero cat who was pounding with its paw during the owner’s heart attack.
Source: the same.
Janni Rees who lost her teen son because of the lack of defibrilators at school, took an
an initiative and installed 20 defibrilators in the town.
Source: the same.
Five. New Glasses allow the deaf people to see the conversations by turning AUDIO to SUBTITLES>.
Credit to BRIDP-British Royal Institute for Deaf People.
Source: the same/

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