summersky11First. The First All Provincial Get Together of the Russian Business and Cultural Centre of Alberta took place in Red Deer last Saturday. It gave a big impulse for the further development of the organization, as noted in his message Yulian Korataev.

Second. Air Canada introduces new Student passes available in packages of 6 one-way flight credits, starting as low as 876 dollars. On the top of that, the students will be able to book their travel online in advance at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Third. The natural gas industry will never be the same and Sue Riddell Rose plans to lead the Perpetual Energy into the future. When Sue Riddell Rose stepped into the role of president and CEO of Paramount Resources Ltd.’s newly-established trust spinoff in February 2003, she brought a lot of clout.

Fourth. Moscow, Russia’s first city is the new international capital of decadence? is recommended for traveling by Guide Sharp Travel in September, 2010.

Fifth. In Calgary elections for Mayor are coming in Mid-October, do not forget to vote, please.

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