Malagasunset3Beautiful Mediterranean sunsets are unforgettable! It is a certain glow Malagasunset1of it which makes remarkable, the pink-and-grey colors as if were dipping slowly into the aquamarine sea. The gigantic lush green palms, growing just close to the sandy shores, stand proudly for centuries there.

Thr noise of rolling waves brought up by the tides: we never forget Gleb diving into the waves as his mother took pictures of him. See the photos scattered at any point here.

A big variety of beach-side restaurants to satisfy any taste: from British, Irish, Chinese, German, East-Indian, Italian, Spanish to Russian, Ukrainian at the Tivoli Park. Prices are very reasonable, indeed. Extremely delicious, in our opinion, was the Spanish omelet made Malagaresort2of potatoes and eggs.

Climate is so good and gentle that many seniors from the British Isles as well as the Malagaresort1locals promenaded along the beach. Around 10 p.m. after the sun began to set the vendors were showing up their wares: purses, sun glasses, jewelery, all kind of tourist goods. Among them a guy selling the bird calls demonstrating the sounds by himself. The African people mainly sell those products, it is clearly seen Africa is not so far just through Gibraltar which by the way belongs to the Great Britain.

This is why this place is very attractive to the British people : a few hours direct flight to Malaga, cheap stay and board, clean, efficient and safe, good quality food, Spanish people by and large are friendly and hospitable.

Last year we were passing by these places having only brief stops; this year we actually spent some time in the South of Spain, in Andalusia, and we never regret not a single bit about it.

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