One. The free movie, popcorn and information about research into how genes and viruses might be used to fight Chimpanzeeportraitdiseases such as diabetes and cancer, is on at the Plaza Theater (1133 Kensington Rd., N.W.) on October 15, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.

Two. Google Street View captured high-resolution views of almost all of Calgary’s public roads. (Private roads are not included.)

Three. The police officer ticketed the 48-year-old London, Ont, truck driver for smoking in an enclosed workplace such as his own truck, and he is alone in the vehicle.

Four. Zoos in the News. A chimpanzee appears deep in thought in Slovakia’s Bratislava Zoo.

Five. Mazen Abdul Jawad, a 32-year-old Saudi sex braggart gets 5 years in jail, 1000 lashes, Sulaiman al-Jimaie told AFP.

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