IzimurfromspaceThis  is an interesting photo of Izmir (Turkey) taken from the space when you are heading from Izmir Gulf.

We are sailing here by the Mediterranean sea.

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They say that Izmir was a birth town of great Homer. Who does not remember the famous lines from “Iliad”, translated by George Chapman (London, 1616):

“Achilles sing, O Goddess! Peleus’ son,

His wrath pernicious, who ten thousand woes,

Caused to Achaia’s host, sent many a soul,

Illustrious into Ades premature,

And Heroes gave (so stood the will of Jove),

To dogs and to all ravening fowls a prey,

When fierce dispute had separated once,

The noble Chief Achilles from the son

of Atreus, Agamemnon, King of men…”

One of the first written records about diplomats is in Homeric poems “Illiad” and “Odyssey”. Homer wrote about diplomatic mission of two Greek Kings-Odysseus and Menelaus. Before war with Troy they visited the ancient town to require returning Menelaus’s wife Helen, kidnapped by Troyan prince Paris. Each of them delivered his own set speech to the Assembly of the Troyans. Troya is in Canakkale (Turkey) but we are now in Izmir.

Turkey is different from Greece, to understand it watch our photo expose from Izmir:

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Izmir is one of the oldest cities in the world with a history, which stretches back over 6,500 years. As Turkey’s third largest city Izmir is the capital of the Aegean region and an important center for manufacturing and trade. With its 16 industrial estates, 2 free zones and 8 universities, Izmir is one of the lines of the Turkish economy.

We are wandering now in mini-market area, walking distance from the haven, enjoying the sights and taking pictures everywhere. We stopped by Kahoe Diyari to sip a delicious cup of Turkish coffee which is freshly made in front of us.

As a souvenir we bought that coffee back home.  Really, in Izmir we discovered the secrets of history, breathed the wonders of nature and appreciated high the pearl of the Aegean Region.

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