2012-10-10 18.17.17Egor the Elk was warbling into our life and obviously to the others as well as a someone who was both unlikely and unwelcome guest. As there is a saying in Russia “welcome worse than a tatar”.

Usually elks live in herds, stick together, in a way, protect each other. But this fellow, Janko called him “Egor”,was somewhat of a rogue. Was he kicked out of the family or he himself seeks the adventure? We will never know.

The one thing we noticed upon his arrival was his aggressiveness. He seemed territorial and acted as if it was his domain.

He was a rather huge animal with dangerously sharp antlers which are used to defend and attack when they feel they are threatened. They are unpredictable and scary.

He was greasing on bushes, shrubs and grass. His small mouth was constantly moving, chewing something all the time like domestic cows.

“Egor'” Val approached him from the safe distance. “How are you doing these days?”

“Fine.” answered the elk looking at the stranger with a surprise. “But why?”

“Oh, I’m just curious about our co-inhabitants in this world. That’s it.” said she.

Egor was puzzled for a second. And then smiled at her and kept on grazing.

He was watched also by the other people, including kids, staying on the stairs of their log cabin. Upon seeing the people trying to leave, Egor bowed his head, aiming his weapon-the antlers-at the family in an attack position.

“Oh! Oh!” the humans became frightened and ran back upstairs.

As everybody knows if an elk charges, he put his victim to the ground and stabs him with the anlers as with a knife to death. Or, in some cases, he kills with the hoofs.

Remember, here it is not the Zoo, and these are not fuzzy little cartoon creatures interacting playfully with humans. These are not Santa’s Reindeers, and the forest and wilderness is not a magical fairy land or playground. It is the wilderness, untamed and cruel. But nevertheless the wild animals’ home.

What happened to Egor after his unwelcome stay?

People grew nervous and fearful for their safety. Thus, rangers were called in, tranquilizing him and taking back to a distant place where he can be with his own kind.

We know that our encounter Egor upon waking up will remember us as we remember him in Banff on the Thanksgiving day, October 8th, 2012.

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