“A wind has blown the rain away and                                                                                    Janko in Fairmont 2012

blown the sky away.

And all leaves away, and the trees stand.

I think, I too, have known autumn too long.”

E.E. Cummings

Welcome to the Columbia Valley in October, to Fairmont. To the right is the photo of Janko in Fairmont. Peace and quiet. What else could you want in a vacation?  And there are few places on Earth that offer those two things, in that order, like the Columbia Valley.

Nestled between the Rockies to the east and the Purcells to the west, this stretch of heaven leaves little to be desired. A visitor can enjoy the serenity of a paddle through wetlands surrounded by wildlife in the air, on land and in the water. They can wander across 2012-10-19 16.07.34 HDRglaciers, the very architects of this rugged terrain. And when the legs get weary, there is no shortage of restaurants to refuel in.

There is golf at every turn and enough hot springs and spas to tenderize even the most knotted of muscles into submission- all with a backdrop that transcends the million of years it took to create. But the mountains, as sign says,, certainly brings us all a little peace. The photo to the left is Lake Windermere in the fall. The lake is very quiet in the spring and fall. Temperatures aren’t quite right for most lake acidity: however, the opportunities for photography are abundant. Due to temperature changes, the lake can be quite foggy in the morning during the fall. It crates an eerie, yet peaceful, feeling.

Lake Windermere is always changing, yet its presence is a constant.

Any place with natural beauty will inevitably attract artists. And the artist goes, those who appreciate art sure to follow, and the Columbia Valley is no exception.

Pinelogs hosts a variety of arts events including art exhibits, theatrical productions, concerts, workshops and musical festivals. This year’s schedule includes a repeat of Pinestock, a hugely successful showcase of young grassroots talent from the area, as well as artists shows throughout the summer and a bit fall.

I was the last visitor of Pinelogs’ finale on the 19th of October 2012 just before 4-00 p.m., closing time. Five remarkable talents show off their recent works in photography, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. This is presented my photo coverage from the Pinelogs’ Gallery.

“Now autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.” William Allingham.

2 Thoughts on “October in Fairmont (“Autumn is a Second Spring where Every Leaf is a Flower” Albert Camus)”

  • Дорогие тётя Валя и Янко , посмотрели Ваши фотографии с вашего увлекательного отдыха в Фермонте , хотим сказать, что природа впечатляет-очень красивые места, особенно озеро Виндермер, действительно, глядя на озеро, что напоминает, как Вы подметили, что-то мистическое, но в тоже время распологает на спокойствие и отдых души. Опять хочу сказать , что спасибо за полезную информацию, много нового узнаём из Ваших описаний. Нам было интерестно, а Вам желаем хороших и увлекательных отдыхов, будем ждать новых фотографий , рассказов.
    Целуем Вас ,семья Филиных!!!!!

  • Дорогие ребята! Рада, что вы продолжаете читать мои статьи и просматривать фотогаллереи. Это значит только одно, вы участвуете в нашей жизни. Спасибо за это участие.
    С любовью и уважением
    Валентина и Янко

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