Listen to the song :“The Dogs and the Horses”, The Divine Comedy

Here are its lyrics:                                                                                                                                                                                         Twohorsesinlove

“Sing a happy song

‘Cause Spring does not last long,

A flower blooms and then it’s gone,

Summer follows fast,

Make hay while it lasts,

Don’t ever dwell upon the past,

For one day you are here, and the next you are gone.

Every horse has its year and every dog its day, my son…”

A beautiful, thoughtful song with a great meaning of life.

To the right one can see a photo of two horses in love. Isn’t it wonderful? Yes, indeed.

Listen to the song:Neil Hannon  – “My Lovely Horse” (on piano)

Amazing as the Nature represents itself in front of our eyes. In animal world everything looks the same as in homo sapiens world. Thanks to the interesting coverages by Russian and many a great North American journalists in such shows as “In the world of animals”, “National Geographic”, “Discover”, “History” TV channels, Australian as well, thanks to all noble crew of nature explorers we became to grasp more the universal relationships among the species. Humor is getting to be a means of communication between people and becoming more and more acceptable by all natural relationships.

Absolutely priceless!

Time for a good belly laugh!

Pretty funny stuff! Watch video:”The Dogs Dining

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