Val & Sting Ray(2013)People look for adventures in some very strange places, and the adventures as a rule look for them. It is a mutual attraction.

The vivid example was the lethal adventure of the world famous Australian crocodile hunter and TV environmentalist Steve Irwin: meeting with a string ray in September, 2006 in a marine accident off Australia’s north coast. He was killed.

Sting rays can be deadly, they have their names for a reason-in self-defense or maybe, attacking. So, approaching them in wilds is forbidden if you want to live long enough.

Keeping this in mind, we took a tourist boat to confront this kind of adventure. Scary but interesting!

One hour-and-a half ride in the open sea, itself, is an adventure, and we stopped  at Stingray City Sandbar where live a family of friendly Southern Rays as filmed by National Geographic & Discovery Channels. People as crazy jumped into the waters to see the sting rays, of which there were plenty here. I looked around, the first impression of mine: I was scared of their outlook-slithering, illusive, unpleasant marine creatures. Upon seeing how many people were playing with them? including kids and parents, I acquired the courage. Meanwhile Larisa and Gleb were already there, smiling and splashing with the water, evidently they enjoyed themselves.

Besides, this sandbar was surrounded with other Pirate tourist catamarans.

I decided to be stupid and jump in. The tourist guides accompanied us. Atmosphere in the water was jubilant, playful in the circle of sting rays without stings, harmless, with beady eyes as if prompting us to play. Their mouths with puckered lips are ready for a kiss.

That was a real temptation. Nobody could give up.Neither could I.

“Sting Rays-little slithers,

I swim in the Caribbean bliss,

Your puckered lips as quivers,

enticed me to a dear kiss.”

Such a rhyme came to my head to finalize that exotic experience.

On the return trip we stopped by the beautiful Cheeseburger Reef to gaze upon the exquisite black Caribbean coral. Snorkel gear is included. What a spectacular view it was: the sea plants were swaying with the black beady fingers beckoning at you as though a mermaid would invite you to visit her kingdom of undersea world. Fascinating and unforgettable impression.

Along the streets of George Town, Grand Cayman Island, we saw many hotels, buildings of city type as well as lots of banks. George Town is located on the west side of Grand Cayman, the largest of the group’s islands. The town relies on tourism and finance for its business. tourists are drawn by the beaches and the Caribbean climate. George Town is a major offshore international banking center- hundreds of banks from numerous countries are represented in the city. The islands’ government offices are located in the city. George Town is a popular destination for cruise ship arrivals and an international airport is nearby.

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