hauntedhouse It’s coming up to Halloween, Feast on this bloody mess – and have fun doing it!

Led by the Feast trilogy, Alliance Films Home Entertainment gives horror-loving Canadians something to terrify, gross-out or otherwise amuse us as we approach the night of haunting.

When the house is festooned for Halloween and pagan impulses take over, it’s time to play a mock-doc “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), set up as “found footage” of disappeared people who encounter horror in the woods, the film shocked, tantalized and disturbed audiences, including genre fans. It’s time of spooky music and talks about supernatural and paranormal.Prenomitions

Do you remember the days when Anatoly Kashpirovsky gave his hypnotic tele-sessions, and Juna, one Armenian lady, taught us massage therapy with the help of your own bio-field, non-contact manual massage ?

In those days we started to do experiments on ourselves and found out that we possess some talents in our hands and heads.

So I had a premonition of the death of my loved ones four times. And it always came true. My verse “A Devil’s Dozen” starts with “I’ve been pursued by a Devil’s Dozen, the magic numbers of graves and death…”

The One and Three if set together or in a dreadful combination leads to a horrible feeling of loss. We never thought about it before but now getting older and I hope wiser we admit the talents in us not all of us, surely, but in some of us, extra sensitive, at times even in children, the talents of superpower. Let our super sensitivity guide us in right direction and help each other to be kind, decent human beings.

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