Years are passing by. Birthdays are like landmarks on your life journey. For me as mother of my only daughter Larisa those landmarks are flying as birds without stopping for a single moment. To me, she is still a girl, but we are all ageing and ageing or going away into an unknown…Лара-девочка (1979).jpg (1)

Here it is our photo where Larisa in the centre, she was ten.

Marina Tsvetaeva wrote once a lovely poem:

“I’m but a girl. I mind my rules

Until the day I wed:

The world out there is full of wolves,

Yet I’m a sheep instead.

I ought to dream of perfect men

And houses, so it goes;

To rock and lull a doll, and then

Not quite a doll but close.Larisa 2017

My hand is not to hold a sword

Or get a key from play.

I’m but a girl-won’t say a word.

O how I want one day

To look up at the stars and see

My own star brightly shine,

To greet all eyes that look at me

And not to cast down mine!”

(translated by Evgeniya Sarkisyants)

Happy Birthday, Larisa, bright joyful days to you we are wishing.

Mom,  Janko and Gleb

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