Val-77.jpg(2)The celebration of my birthday started on the other continent where Russia lies. On the parallel of the city of Bryansk where my classmates got together on the seventeenth of March at 11-00 a.m. of their time at 2-00 a.m. of Canadian mountain time. The time difference is 9 hours ahead.

So, the generous hostess Emma Mahova invited all of them to come. Rimma, Nellya, Zoya, Lusya, Zhenya, Valya arrived earlier or later. We chit-chat, cracked anecdotes to each other by Skype connection.  This time we all were dressed in T-shirts with our real names on them done by special order artistically in Calgary and delivered right on time before our meeting.

Rimma Levchenko-Mitichkina came up with the wonderful rhymes on this occasion:

“Seven little elephants’re in my memories:

Stood usually on the chest of drawers,

That is what was in vogue,

In our childhood long ago.

The Seven little elephants brings

The Happiness to all the siblings,

That was the truth in old days,

Everyone believed in those sayings.

Exact to the two Sevens

Our years’ve been arrived.

And not badly we, girls,

In our lives, we have thrived.

There’re no more elephants yet,

Symbolising good fortune and luck,

‘Cause the life now, perhaps:

Took a different direction and track.

To a new life style

We’re adapting too.

(What can we do meanwhile?)

Wishing happiness, health, Valya, to you.”

Our Badek Club continues to live on sharing its memories and life stories of the day.

Myself celebrating this day dancing barefoot on the floor between the two Sevens by the accompaniment of Nadezhda Babkina’s song “Gypsy Jan” in karaoke manner.

This is the link:

Later we came to Lake Luise Station Restaurant where we made a tour around the historical place of laying out the Canadian Pacific Railways which was of a great importance for the economical and geographical development of Canada.

See the second link about it.

At the end of my article I would like to thank all the people who said good wishes to me on my special day and on my return, I am sending to you a musical greeting”

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