1. Gleb, how old were you when you first traveled to Egypt with Mom?                                 Ramses

2. 5 or 7.

1. And now how old are you?

2. 15.

1. Did you like Egypt then?

2. Sure.

1. Which Ramses did you like best?

2. Grandma, do you think that I remember?

1. Oh, I forgot that it was your pre-school age. Very far-away children’s time.

Watch our photo expose: “The Valley of Kings”

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Beautiful  Egyptian verses come to our minds while watching the pictures:

“Come, my Soul, swim to me!

The water is deep in my love

Which carries me to you.

We are in the midst of the stream,

I clasp the flowers to my breast

Which is naked and drips with water.

But the moon makes them bloom like the lotus.

I give you my flowers

because they are beautiful,

And you are holding my hand

In the middle of water.”

After J.M. Kellner,

Under the protection of Hathor.

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