The Calgary Stampede’s Centennial Year (2012)

CalgaryStampede2012Ian Tyson, an iconic western singer, is a 100th Calgary Stampede parade Marshal.

Listen to the Ian and Sylvia’s performing on CBC  TV in 1986:“Four Strong Winds”

The Stampede Parade is much more than 350.000 people converge on the streets of down town Calgary. One of the rituals during stampede is to inculcate equality and make everyone think they’re the same as everyone else from the mayor to the average Joe. So we dress up as cowboys, which is to hide social class.

We are on the streets of Calgary full of crowds of people.

“Janko,” I am asking,”What is the meaning of Stampede for you?”

“For me is the Art show at Stampede”, replied Janko.”As I read in the American Journal of Canadian Studies” on Guy Weadick, the American performer and promoter who founded the Calgary Stampede 100 years ago in September 1912, it was recollected also the name of Ernie Richardson, the second manager of the Calgary Exhibition. Altogether the Calgary Stampede is tied to the fact that western artists were already creating an appetite among the general public for images of the west.”

“Gleb, what is the meaning of Stampede for you?” I asked my grandson who happened to be here at the Stampede time.

“Grandma, better not to mention Stampede, you remember how I spent 400 dollars just for the rides?’, he answered.

“Oh, well”, sighed I, nodding in reply.

As for me, Stampede means Chinook arch in the skies.

Look at the photo show: “Stampede 100th Anniversary Calgary Sky”:

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